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10 Ways To Use Your Personal Branding Photos

A personal branding session is a commitment – both in time and money. Using your photos as much as possible will make the photos worth the investment and who doesn’t love to get something valuable for their hard earned money? Consistently styled images will also make your brand easily recognizable and give your product/service a professional look.

1. Update your profile picture and change it often.

–  Use different variations of the same outfit or look for different pages. I tend to keep my social media profile pics more fun and my Linked In just a little serious. But you do you – what works for me, may not work for you.

2. Your personal branding photos should be all over your website

–  Add them to your landing pages, contact page, home page and sprinkled all over.

3. Everyone wants to see your face on your about you page.

– Ok technically that’s your website, but this is where people will really connect all the images throughout your site.

 4. Social Media platforms

– Use different photos for different posts and platforms but keep the brand look that you’ve worked so hard on consistent.

5. Zoom avatar

– There are times when you’re going to want to turn off your camera during a zoom meeting and nobody wants to see a blank avatar.

6. Campaign launch

– When you’re launching something new your audience will respond more to your face. It’s an easy way to get more engagement on your post.

7. Email marketing

– Photos of you will make your emails more personal.

8. Banners for Facebook and LinkedIn

– Banners are a great way to use multiple photos and don’t forget to add some personality shots to these.

9. Marketing materials

– Show a little behind the scenes photos when you’re selling what you you do.

10. Newsletters

– Photos add instant interest to your newsletters.

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And bonus number 11 is to re-use them on Instagram!

Chances are the same people won’t see the same photo and even if they do, the repetitiveness is just reinforcement. Change the crop of your photo for a different look or add a filter or overlay. There’s so many ways to change the same photo. Reuse your personal branding photos to get the most out of your investment.

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