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4 Things to Incorporate Into Your Personal Branding Photo Shoot

When you’re planning your personal branding photo shoot listing the types of photos you want will make the process easier. Here are four things to incorporate into your shoot.


Because people really want to see you. It helps make you and your product real which forms a connection between you and your client. People follow, interact and buy from businesses they connect with. Although your branding shoot should include a head shot, a head shot isn’t what you want for your branding session. You need images of you doing what you do.

The Tools of Your Craft

What do you use every day? Most of us are not lucky enough to use beautiful antique cutting shears or gorgeous vintage mixing bowls to brand our business. Instead we need to create a work space. If your business can’t survive without your laptop, then find a way to make it cohesive with your brand. Add color with pens, notebooks, coffee cups. When you shop, keep your brand colors in mind for your supplies to make propping your shots easier. 

The Process

Everyone loves behind the scenes. Showing the world a glimpse of your world makes your business personal. It’s a natural curiosity to want to know how things are made and what makes you work. It’s the behind the scenes that make you personable and relatable. Your client wants to know that you’re real – that you live, laugh and love!

The Product

When you showcase your product make sure that the photos are professional. The light and background should be consistent and reflect the personality of your brand. Even though you love that antique tabletop you have, it may not be the right background if your brand is modern and clean.  

Have fun with your personal branding session. Relax and let your photographer take care of making you and your business look good!

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