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5 Reasons to Use Props in Your Personal Branding Session

Props are a vital part of your personal branding session.

Meet Christina, a personal blogger. Her branding session came together easily once we looked at her passions for the outdoors and books. One look at her session and you know she loves being outside, is adventurous,  loves literature and is open to trying new things.

Props give you something to do.

You know that awkward moment when you say “What do I do”? With props there’s always something to do naturally.

So go ahead and bring your favorite coffee cup, your laptop and your paint brush to your branding session. Christina opted to bring her tent that pops up on top of her Suburau. Definite points for originality there.

Props make you more comfortable.

And when you’re comfortable you look good. Props are like a security blanket. The things you’re familiar with and know back and forth and up and down wrap you in protection and keep you safe and make you smile naturally.

When you’re relaxed and comfortable your photos look more inviting and authentic.

 Props give your followers a glimpse into your personal life which helps you to connect and attract your ideal audience. 

You’re marketing to real people – so use real props to highlight your brand’s personality. Use props that work with your brand colors and styles for the most visual impact.

Using props in your personal branding shoot  gives your Instagram feed variety.

Your feed can’t always be just about what you’re selling and promoting because your followers will want to know more and because we all easily get a little bored. Use detail shots and close ups to illustrate your story in fun and creative ways that will instantly engage the viewer. Use the detail shots intermittently to give your feed a  personal and professional look that’s full of variety.

Props personalize your brand.

Using personal things in your shoot lets your viewers see and experience the world like you do. This is the perfect way to share the tools of your trade to let your audience know what you do and how you do it. 

Christina is a traveler, an explorer and a lifelong learner. Follow her journeys  at  Christina Collaborates as she travels from coast to coast.

Need help planning your personal branding session? I will help you plan out your shot list, props and wardrobe so that your social media pages have visual impact and engaging photos.

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