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Creating content with gorgeous photos will give your blogs, Instagram feeds and website an edge over platforms that don’t utilize the benefits of good photography. Professional photography will elevate your brand on social media and engage your clients in an authentic way. A post with photos gets more attention than one without.

When I have to create content for a blog, I always research the topic before I plan my shoot. I want to know the product so that I can photograph the subject to show all of the best qualities.

Before last week, I had no idea what tatsoi was. Now I know the many health benefits, the shelf life and how to prepare it. I’ve also eaten it four times this week. Oh and did I mention how beautiful it is? The dark green shapes form a beautiful bouquet of leaves.

To say the least, researching tatsoi for a blog post for Calgo Garden’s blog was interesting and inspired my creativity. Owner Cody Parker of Drop the Beet Farms was thrilled to give me a fresh supply of the greens from his aquaponics farm and fill in any missing information I needed to create the post.

Choosing two different backgrounds would give my photographs variety and appeal to readers. I wanted to create a visual story to go with the blog post, so I photographed the tatsoi by itself, with props and with all of the ingredients for the recipe. The product was shot so there are images for horizontal, vertical and square formats. (I was very careful to throw out the items that touched the background before making the salad so that I could eat it).

If you have questions about photographic content for your brand, call 609-462-1519 or contact me. I would love to hear the story of your brand.

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Photography is the way I get to make the world a little more beautiful.

I see the beauty and magic in everyday things and life that most people don’t. And through photography I get to remind you that there is beauty in every day and there is beauty in you.

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