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Creating Content With Your Personal Branding Photos

Creating a content plan with your personal branding photos is easy when you intentionally design your branding shoot. Before you schedule your next personal branding photo session, envision how you are going to use the photos to get the best results from your shoot. Are the images going to be used for

Blog posts?


Social media?


The answer should be yes to all of them and knowing what you need to promote/launch/sell/share before your personal branding shoot will help you get the content that you need to reach your goals. Once you have your personal branding photos you can use them to create content. The most efficient way to do this is to first create a blog about what your main topic is. This is where all your content will originate from and where you will direct your audience back to.

Once you have the blog (with amazing photos of course), use the photos to create pins on Pinterest that will direct your audience back to your blog. Repurpose the pins as Instagram stories announcing your new blog post – once again directing them back to your website. And then repurpose the pins and stories to create an Instagram reel. All three platforms are vertical and similar size, so reusing the content is super-efficient.

Next you want to use the same photos on your social media posts. And again, you’re going to be directing viewers back to your blog (landing page, opt in or sales page). Create square posts for Instagram and horizontal rectangle posts for Facebook and Linked In to get the most use of visual space. Try changing how you crop your personal branding photos for different looks. Change the opacity to write text over your images. Reusing your personal branding photos will give your brand a cohesive and curated look.

Creating your content in Canva will save you hours of time and will also save you a ton of energy. First make a folder for each blog. If you haven’t already, create a branded template for each platform and copy it to that folder. Then upload your gorgeous personal branding photos and just pop them into each template. Make slight variations in the text, layout, and photos so that you can create the number of posts you need. Make sure to use photos that will entertain, educate, sell, and inform your ideal client. Then just plug them into your content scheduler. Having your own library of personal branding photos is going to save you so much stress, time and make planning your content less of a dreaded chore.

Your personal branding photos will create the content you need to increase brand awareness, make sales, promote a launch, and grow your audience. Repurposing your photos will give your business a branded, professional look and help increase brand awareness.

Want more information about planning your own personal branding shoot?

I’m currently booking personal branding shoots for April. If you would love to work with me to create a professional and polished image for your business that gives you the online presence you deserve, contact me today so we can start planning your strategy.

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