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Creating Lifestyle Photographs

What does it take to capture photos that are magazine worthy and the envy of creative bloggers and Instagram influencers?

It takes planning, patience and creativity.

Creating content for your creative lifestyle and needs is easy when you plan ahead. I plan my lifestyle photography, still life photos, and creative flatlays in advance so that when it’s time to shoot I have everything all ready to go.

Lifestyle photography adds visual interest to your Instagram feed and blog which make engagement easier. And who doesn’t want a pretty and curated Instagram feed to be proud of?

Choose a subject that can be used for a multitude of purposes. Like a cupcake. Who doesn’t like cupcakes? A cupcake can be simple, elegant, homemade or glammed out diva style. Choose one that fits your style. Knowing the purpose of the photos you’ll be taking will help you utilize them in many different ways. Are they for Instagram, promotions, celebrations, email content or National Cupcake Day?

Gather your props (think brand colors and style). I chose mostly white for this shoot because I wanted the photos to have a light and airy feel. When you create your set, think about where the best natural light is. A counter top or table by a window with soft light is perfect. My “She Shed” outdoor studio is where I do most of my shooting because the available light makes for soft,dreamy photographs.

Think about your background. If your background is a messy kitchen, then cover it up with some white curtains or soft sheers and keep the background out of focus. My mosquito net is an awesome background (and inexpensive). When it’s hung a few feet from my set, it naturally goes soft but I still have enough fabric to drape it over the set if I want.

Start setting up your shot by adding and subtracting and  then adding and subtracting some more and moving around your props. Check from your camera angle to make sure your lighting is great before adding the cupcake. Watch your background for bad prop placement like these leaves that look like a mustache. Once everything is just so perfect you can’t stand it, add the cupcake and take your shot.

Don’t stop there. Now is the time to let your creative juices flow like a river. 

Shoot from the front, the back, the side and the top.

Change your point of focus.

Crop in on detail shots.

Pull back.

Shoot through something (like a window or tulle).

Take away all of your props for a minimalist, simple shot.

Add your props back in or change them.

Cut your cupcake in half. (make sure it doesn’t fall off the plate like mine did)

Add some crumbs.

Detail shots.

Show the wrapper.

There you have ten variations and when you multiply that by changing your angle three different ways you have 30 different shots to use. Hope you need a lot of cupcake shots!


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