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Creating Lifestyle Photographs

What does it take to capture photos that are magazine worthy and the envy of creative bloggers and Instagram influencers? It takes planning, patience and creativity. Creating content for your creative lifestyle and needs is easy when you plan ahead. I plan my lifestyle photography, still life photos, and creative

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5 Reasons to Use Props in Your Personal Branding Session

Props are a vital part of your personal branding session. Meet Christina, a personal blogger. Her branding session came together easily once we looked at her passions for the outdoors and books. One look at her session and you know she loves being outside, is adventurous,  loves literature and is

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Turn Your Keepsakes into Photographic Art

I wanted to create something special for my sister for her birthday and I had her wedding cake topper (not sure why I had it, but I did) from many years ago. Knowing that she wouldn’t ever display the topper again, I hoped to bring back memories by creating a

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How To Easily Organize Your Photos

If you’re like most people, you have a lot of photos – a lot of photos that are all over the place. To most it’s a little overwhelming to organize your photos but once you have a system in place, the task becomes a habit that you can actually enjoy.

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Celebrate 50+

Hey there! It’s my birthday and I’m celebrating. I’m celebrating another year of life filled with love, laughter and family. Sure I’ve had my ups and downs this past year, but luckily more ups than downs. So to celebrate I have something to give to you. A 50+ 50- special.

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Personal Branding Locations

Choosing a location for your personal branding session doesn’t have to be difficult. Before you start considering locations for your session, take the time to think about what your average day looks like. Remember that you want to give potential clients and audience a look at a day in your

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Personal Branding, Portrait and Headshot Photographer Diana P. Lang sites with a stack of magazines in her hand

Photography is the way I get to make the world a little more beautiful.

I see the beauty and magic in everyday things and life that most people don’t. And through photography I get to remind you that there is beauty in every day and there is beauty in you.

Words to Live By

“You don’t always need a plan.
Sometimes you just need to breathe,
trust, let go, and
see what happens.”

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