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Graduation Photo Session for My Favorite University of South Carolina Student

So she’s not just a graduate – she’s my daughter, my baby girl. For me, this was the most important graduation shoot I ever photographed. And I managed to only tear up once (that she caught me anyway). Editing, however, is another story….

Driving 24 hours,

4 tanks of gas,

$125 in tolls

Getting to see a part of my daughter’s college life:  PRICELESS

I got to share and capture moments and memories from her four years at school. Annastasia’s album of photos will bring memories back to her for the rest of her life.

The University of South Carolina is the perfect place for a photo shoot to celebrate four years of academics and college life. The beautiful brick buildings, the stately trees and of course the fountain were all things we wanted use as backgrounds and somehow we managed to get them all in. But more important than the background, was the spectacular smile when Annastasia put on the graduation gown and cap. My heart swelled with pride and love. (It sounds corny but moms who have children graduating from college know exactly what I mean).

We left the main campus and went to the Darla Moore School of Business where Annastasia spent most of the time in classes. And I think this is where SHE got a little emotional unexpectedly. We were so lucky to have one of her best college friends join us for photos (but I’m going to save that for Maggie’s own blog)

After spending more time than we planned at the Darla Moore School of Business, we raced off to Brice Stadium to catch the last bit of sun. I’m sure the girls will be sad to say good bye to Game Day.

As my daughter ends this chapter in her life, I hope the next chapters in the story of her life are just as happy, healthy and successful. And now I’ve made myself tear up again.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to University of South Carolina, her professors, her roommates and her friends for helping Annastasia on her path to success.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart”.

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