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Graduation Photo Session With Your Bestie

What’s better than one college grad at a photo session? Two college graduates who are great friends! Maggie, soon to be University of South Carolina graduate, joined my daughter for photos celebrating four years of college and friendship.

Maggie and Annastasia both had the opportunity for photos together and separate. The dynamics during a photo session when friends are together make for a great time and great photos. Each of the young women were feeling both elated about graduation and a little nostalgic, I think.

Maggie’s mom wanted traditional cap and gown pictures so we made sure we got plenty of those with a whole lot of other fun shots around the campus.  It was already a busy weekend for graduation photos at the fountain – so I’m so glad we had the opportunity to do the session before actual graduation weekend.

Not only do you make great friends at college, you also make romantic friends. Maggie requested photos with Herman, who was kind enough to help us carry around our bags of clothes, props and gear. We did cap and gown with the two of them and also a formal photo (plus a few fun ones).

 My tips for a great graduation session:

Schedule a time before graduation weekend.

Make sure your gown is ironed!

Bring bobby pins to secure the cap.

Bring a best friend!

Maggie and Annastasia have formed a lifelong friendship that I am sure will continue as they each go their separate ways. Maggie, I thank you for being a great friend to my daughter. I wish you the best of luck in the next chapter of your life!

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