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How To Use Your Personal Branding Photos

Meet the fabulous Jamie. Her amazing photo shoot was designed with the intention of giving her a multitude of images that she can use in a variety of places. We wanted to convey the essence of her business and planned the shoot ahead of time. Jamie is a makeup artist extraordinaire. She is truly an artist – full of creativity, skill and a natural zest for life with a touch of glam.

The Desk Shot

The desk shot is all about where the client works – Jamie’s desk is her makeup table. We wanted to show her with it and also feature the work area for when she needs brand shots for blogs and social media posts.

The Head Shot

Every client requires a different approach depending on their business. Jamie’s professional image can be used as her profile picture and will be featured in her bio.

The Lifestyle Shot

Lifestyle shots are where your potential client learns about you – and you are the brand of your business.  We included some fun shots showing Jamie in her personal element. We love the shot of her and her adorable dog. How could you not love that mop of cuteness? These are the shots that Jamie will use in her blog, on her website and in social media posts.

The Always Referenced Shot 

The shot that says it all is the photo you will use over and over again. It will go out in your email queries, your blog, on your website and in your social media posts. We think these photos are all about Jamie’s image.

Jamie’s impeccable make up application was of course done by her, Cosmetics by Catelli. The fact that so little retouching was done on her images is a testament to her business. Professional make up is like the frosting to a cake – it’s what makes it fantastic!

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