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Inspiration For Your Holiday Posts

Now is the time to start planning your holiday social media posts.

A little preplanning and a little inspiration will make your season less stressful and way more productive. We all need  inspiration to start but that little inspiring moment will turn into much more. A whole month of inspiring posts.

Bring a little holiday into your feed.

Using neutral colored props will keep your feed merry and bright without clashing with your brand colors. Talk about your holiday traditions or what you love the most about the holidays. Are you looking forward to creating new traditions this year or or are you missing the old ones?

Show You

Everyone loves behind the scenes. Showing the world a glimpse of your world makes you human. It’s a natural curiosity to want to know  what drives your passion and what makes you happy It’s the behind the scenes that make you personable and relatable. Your client wants to know that you’re real – that you live, laugh and love! The holidays are a good time to show the fun side of you.

Your daily routine

What’s on your calendar this month? A photo of your planner or to do list will give you the prompt to talk about what great things you’ve been planning. Is it coffee or your hot chocolate that keeps you warm and cozy? Take a poll –  but in my opinion it’s always coffee. Polls generally encourage comments and engagement because everyone has an opinion.

Don’t let the holidays overwhelm you.

Plan your social media calendar now so that you can relax and enjoy the season. If you’re  pressed for time, try one of my holiday styled stock collections to fill your post with engaging images. Each collection comes with 7 hi res images that can be cropped in different ways so that you can post them more than once. Use them to save time and energy during the holiday season while keeping your Instagram feed looking cohesive and professional.

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