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Lori Bloom, owner of Blooming Colors Art was ready for a personal branding shoot. She  is a mixed media artist who works intuitively, using liquid watercolors to create the background that will guide her to create her multi- dimensional art.

Lori explores the natural elements of the world and strives to keep the spirit of freedom alive in her artwork. Dried flowers, custom crafted paper flowers, Swarovski crystals, modeling paste and a variety of other material add depth and texture to her art which is full of symbolism that she deliberately chooses.

She believes that when other people view her work they find a connection, be it the colors, animals, or objects within.  “I have my story, but I allow them to find theirs. I find it fascinating that each human can find something to connect with in my art. This is the reason I create.”

What makes your work special and unique?

My pieces are handmade using various materials. I create the paper flowers, cut the dried flowers from my neighborhood, search for the perfect objects to enhance my paintings. Each piece I create is a part of me, looking back and reflecting on my childhood experiences. A bird chirping, a cut rose from the garden, swinging in the sunshine. All memories that inspire me.

What resources can you not live without?

Art supplies! so many yummy art supplies!


Laptop, printer, phone, reading glasses.

 What and/or who has helped your business grow?

There is a variety of people that have helped me to grow my business. I am lucky to have a family that supports me and my crazy endeavors. I am also a member of   United Art Space  and this has truly helped me to have the confidence and shown me how to grow my business. I also believe that just knowing that this is the one opportunity I have to really explore my art really drives me to continue painting.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

“It is what it is.”

 My dad’s favorite statement. Accept what happens, you can’t change the past, you can only work on your future.

What’s your favorite quote pertaining to either your business or life?

“Live your life like a garland of good deeds.” 

 What changed after your photo shoot?

I have an amazing website!

I have photos to share with the world on social media that help me to show off my artwork

I have more confidence in sharing my work and  feel more professional.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about book a personal branding photo shoot?


Just do it! It is worth every penny. It has been such an uplifting experience. Not only for my business, but for me personally. Diana was able to catch my personality in my pictures. I HATE having my picture taken, and she made it breezy and easy. I didn’t feel silly or embarrassed. She was able to catch the light in me and my artwork. Diana is amazing!

Lori has a show up at the Fairfield University Book Store in Fairfield CT.  It can be viewed until the end of this month, and she will be showing a piece at the Silvermine Art Galleries from March 12 – April 15.

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