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Must Have for Your Senior Session: What To Bring

Planning for your Senior Photo Session doesn’t have to be difficult.

It should be fun and stress free.

You have a million things in your closet. How are you only going to pick 5 outfits? These are what I suggest as your must haves. (Remember, a suggestion is just that.) And don’t buy more because the outfits you have already are the outfits you love and are comfortable in. (Ok maybe just a new hat.) If you’re comfortable in your clothes then your confidence will soar sky high.


Denim is timeless and so simple to make it your own.
Ripped jeans (Because the rips are just right.)
Denim dress if you’re always polished and accessorized.
Overalls for some countrified freshness.
A pieced together  maxi skirt for the boho you.
Black skinny jeans with an edgy look.
How do you wear your jeans?

Casual Dress

It doesn’t have to be a dress but the outfit should be more dressy than your denim based attire. Think beach vibes – carefree but carefully put together.
A sundress
Maxi dress
Floral print
Widelegged jumpsuit
Midi top with high waisted skirt
What’s your favorite go to outfit when you have someplace special to go to?

Dressy Dress

Everyone has different levels of dressy. Choose the level you are comfortable with. For example – I’m not comfortable with heels so I rarely choose them and opt for heeled boots instead. Your senior session is a great way to repurpose last year’s prom dress. And you get to dress up in it twice.
Prom Dress
Vintage Dress
Maxi Dress
Jeans with heels and an outrageously perfect top
It’s all about your style – don’t be afraid to express it.

Don’t forget the accessories.

That wide brimmed floppy hat will look adorable both on your head and in your hands. Plus holding a hat gives you something to do with your hands.
Make sure you have the correct undergarments to go with each outfit. Try the outfits on two weeks before the session to make sure there are no problems that need to be addressed before the session.
Plan to bring at least five complete outfits, shoes and accessories. We will go over the outfits before your session to help plan the shoot and answer any questions you may have.

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