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Photography for Small Businesses

You know that sinking feeling you get when you have a blog to write and three posts to schedule and nothing to write about? I have a secret – it’s much easier when you have photos to talk about.

As a small business owner you already wear 17 hats – photographer shouldn’t be one of the hats. Imagine how easy it would be if you could just choose from  your collection of images to create your blog post, your social media post and email campaign? Not only would it save you time and stress, the collection of professional shots is going to give your marketing a cohesive look that will get the attention of your audience

Successful marketing and promoting your business rely on professional photography to reach your clients. Engaging images will enhance your brand and build your online social media presence.  Photographs that engage your audience will build trust and loyalty with your clients. Showing quality images of your business, team and products will let your customers get to know your business and what your brand stands for.

A library of professional images will create free marketing and publicity for your business while building brand recognition. If you have a collection of images to choose from, you’ll save time (lots of time) creating your media posts and email communication. Imagine not having to stress and fret over what to post? Your photographs will make it easy to create a visual story brand that is consistent and professional.

Visual ads are easier to remember. And today’s consumers are bombarded with images every minute of the day so you need to give them an impression of you and your brand that you want them to remember. More than 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day – you need yours to stand out.

Amateur photography makes your business look, well amateur. And we all want a professional polished appearance no matter what our profession is. Professional photography will make your business look professional.

It’s time to design an online visual presence to make your business stand out.

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Photography is the way I get to make the world a little more beautiful.

I see the beauty and magic in everyday things and life that most people don’t. And through photography I get to remind you that there is beauty in every day and there is beauty in you.

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