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Roselle and Bobby – An Outdoor Rustic Wedding

When the bride and groom bring their fishing poles to the wedding, you know it ‘s going to be a great celebration full of fun and with plenty of opportunities for awesome photos. Some of my favorite images from the day are when the bride and groom, Roselle and Bobby, managed to sneak away for a few quiet moments to throw their lines into the pond at their laid back, rustic-boho decorated venue.

Roselle is an integral part of the staff at Calgo Gardens (link) where my studio is – so for months everyone has been so excited about her wedding and so many people played a part in making the day in Roselle’s own words  “Everything I hoped it to be and more”. Roselle and Bobby saw each for the first time that day at Calgo Gardens.

Soon after, the wedding party left for the venue in great style in an array of antique cars. The bride’s good friend has a collection of antique cars that added to the festivities. The bridal party made a beautiful and memorable entrance for all of the guests to see as the cars drove in on the opposite side of the pond.

The outdoor ceremony was gorgeous with all of the decorations and the pond as a background. Every detail (and there were so many) was included with intention and meaning. A blanket ceremony and dove release made the wedding even more meaningful and special

After all of the introductions and toasts that were sung by friends,  we were able to sneak out for a few minutes for a little quiet time photos. The antique cars and gorgeous pond made for plenty of backgrounds that had meaning for the bridge and groom.

The spectacular flowers were made by Roselle’s friends and co workers at Calgo Gardens. Succulents were the showstoppers of the arrangements. The cake was even decorated with succulents (frosting of course). Roselle personalized the outdoor space with rustic additions and some rock a billy lights that added to the festive occasion as the sun went down. Perfect for dancing the night away.

Wishing Roselle and Bobby many years of fishing together!

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