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Tips For Your Holiday Photos

 It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas….

And that means it’s time for holiday photos – for gifts and for keeping. For Christmas cards and family memories.

Here’s some tips to make your holiday photos festive and fun!

In this holiday season of unprecedented times, you want to make sure your family stays healthy and safe.

An outdoor photo session is a great way to do this. Have your photographer choose a location with a picturesque background for a portrait you’ll want to hang on your wall. Look for parks or maybe even your own backyard.

Christmas tree farms make a great place to get candid and fun photos. Document your family choosing the tree and cutting it down. Make sure to pose for some more formal photos also. Don’t have access to a Christmas tree farm? You just need one or two evergreen trees in your area to get the holiday feeling.

A quaint downtown area makes your photos look festive. You can use the decorations that are already in place. Make sure you opt for a time when it’s less crowded to avoid shoppers lurking in the background. 

A large wreath makes a great Christmas prop. Even a small one will work. If you have a large one you can put your family behind it or in front. Try both options for different looks.

My absolute favorite thing in any holiday photo shoot is snow.

There’s something magical about snow, even fake snow, that makes people laugh and giggle. You need an extra person to throw the snow – the photographer can’t do it.

Here are my tips on snow throwing:

Save the snow blowing until the very end.

Try different brands to find one you like (who knew there was a difference in fake snow?)

Throw with the wind and from behind.

Never throw snow fake or real into somebody’s face.

If you are blowing snow, blow gently and don’t take a deep breath in or the snow will stick to your lipstick.

If you are taking a lot of photos, put drop cloths down to make clean up easier.

Artificial snow is itchy. Wear hats, coats and scarves to avoid getting into your clothes.

When you’re done, have the person you’re taking photos of close their eyes and shake out their hair and clothes.

Have fun!

Whether you choose to take your own holiday photos or go to a professional, remember to have fun and choose joy!

Two of my holiday sets are outdoors this year and one is inside. Sessions fill up fast so make sure to schedule your time now!

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