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Turn Your Keepsakes into Photographic Art

I wanted to create something special for my sister for her birthday and I had her wedding cake topper (not sure why I had it, but I did) from many years ago. Knowing that she wouldn’t ever display the topper again, I hoped to bring back memories by creating a beautiful art piece that she could hang in her house.

And that’s how Vestige Photos started.

As humans, we are collectors of things and memories. Sometimes heirlooms are passed down from generation to generation becoming priceless. Sometimes we have keepsakes from our childhood that we can’t bear to part with but remain buried in the closet or attic. They are all priceless and deserved to be honored.

Let me tell the story of your mementos and keepsakes in a photographic work of art.

Pay tribute to your past, your history and your legacy by preserving it for the future.

Items can be carefully and thoughtfully photographed (with a white glove service) in my studio for a rustic elegant feel or in an environment fitting to the item and memory. Each print is carefully and artistically enhanced  to bring out the details of the piece.

What vestiges of evidence do you have waiting to be photographed?

Want to find out how your treasured heirlooms can be photographed? Email me today to see how your keepsakes can become one of a kind art.

This is what she said when she saw the photograph:

“Can’t thank you enough for this special keepsake and more importantly for all the happy memories that came up when I saw this.”

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