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What Is Styled Stock Photography

You’ve heard of styled stock photography for social media, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs but you were never exactly sure what it was, right?

You see it every day and probably don’t even realize it.

It’s the photos that so many people use to make their Instagram feed look polished and professional.

Styled Stock Photography is a type of photography that’s used by entrepreneurs, coaches, bloggers and business owners to build an online brand when they can’t create their own photos.

Styled Stock photos make your business stand out, look put together and professional.

The photos are designed with business owners in mind and are used to make their life easier.

Styled stock includes:

flatlays ( a photograph taken directly from above)

still lifes

model images

mock ups.

 Why You Need Styled Stock Photos

Because your business can’t afford to not look good and because you can’t do a photoshoot every day and run your business too.

A photo shoot takes a lot of effort, time and skill. Sure you can get a ton of free images but free looks like free and you run the risk of looking like every other expert online wellness coach who’s using the same free images.

 What Styled Stock Photos Will Do For You:

– make planning a content calendar easier (saving you from stress and a total time suck)

-give you a polished and professional feed for your creative business

-build brand awareness by using photos that match your brand’s aesthetics, values and style

-attract your ideal audience when you choose images that speak to the heart and soul of your business you’re going to attract your dream clients

-give you back the time you waste on trying to curate a cohesive feed which means (YES!) more time for you to create business

The Difference Between Styled Stock and A Custom Branding Photo Shoot

My styled stock collections were all created with a story in mind so that you can use the photos to detail your own story.

For example: A photo of a vintage clock surrounded by flowers might speak to you and say 

   “I find I’m most productive in the morning – that’s when I do my best work. How about you? Are you an early morning go getter?”


  “It’s 9:00 and the means our newest product/online service/Facebook live event/masterclass is just about to start.”

The photo collections all relate to each other and will give your feed a curated look.

A custom branding photos shoot tells the unique and creative story of your brand. It includes:

– photos of you (the creative behind the brand)

-behind the scenes of your business. Your clients want to know how you do what you do.

-feature images of your product to showcase what you’re selling

-detail shots to add interest

-may include custom flatlays, photos of the shop if you have a brick and mortar and lifestyle images.

 The combination of a personal branding photo shoot and stock styled images is a match made in heaven for a business that posts often. When you combine the two your content calendar will effortlessly fill right up!

Ready to try styled stock for your business? Download a free gorgeous, warm collection to be inspired!

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