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What To Wear For Your Personal Branding Photoshoot

What should you wear for your personal branding photoshoot? You should wear:

What makes you feel fabulous

What makes you feel confident

What makes you feel like you want to smile, dance and laugh.

You need to wear what makes you feel good – because when you feel good, you look good.

But you do have to keep a few things in mind to make it a successful branding shoot: style, color and fit.

Everybody and their brand has a different style and your personal branding photo shoot is the time to let that style show. Whatever outfits you choose should fit your brand’s aesthetic. If your brand is soft and feminine, then the outfits you bring should be soft and feminine.  If you’re edgy and strong, think about leather pants or skirts.

Your wardrobe doesn’t stop with the clothing. Bring accessories. Hats, scarves, sunglasses, regular glasses, belts all add to your completed look. It’s a photoshoot – have  fun.

When choosing outfits, think about your brand’s colors. Incorporate those hues into
what you’re wearing. Not everything should be exactly your brand palette, but
the colors need to go together. Whimsical and sassy? Think about what colors
are going to reflect your style – maybe opt for bold bright and bold colors
with a modern vibe. If you run a business that coaches high level executives,
choose a very polished look in solid, neutral colors – your outfit should look
like success.

Your clothes need to be fresh and crisp, and they have to fit you well. This sounds crazy, but if your top is too loose and baggy, it adds extra weight. If it’s too flowy, you lose your shape and even the tiniest person looks bigger. There’s a good chance that I will be pinning and clamping your shirt from behind to give you more of a shape. If you hate your arms, don’t wear something sleeveless. If you love your arms, feel free. Also, keep in mind that unless your shoot is specifically for a holiday, you want to try to keep your clothing as seasonless as possible (or you could just book quarterly shoots!)

There are no definite choices when it comes to choosing the perfect outfits for your personal branding photo shoot. I’ve created two Pinterest boards to help inspire you. And as an added bonus, the majority of the clothing is under $50. You can link to them here:

What To Wear For Your Personal Branding Shoot

What To Wear For Your Creative Personal Branding Shoot


what to wear for your personal branding photoshoot

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My process helps make pulling your wardrobe together even easier. After you fill out my client questionnaire, I’ll create a board just for you and your style. I want you to look and feel fabulous before we even begin shooting so that your confidence comes through on camera!

Want more information about planning your own personal branding shoot?

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