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Women In Business- A Photo Collection

Nobody ever told me I was going to have to run a business. That I would be the , CEO, CFO, accountant,marketing guru, cleaning person, marketing genius, social media manager and more.

All I wanted to be was a photographer.

But being a successful photographer means being a successful business owner. I often need to hear someone say “Girl, you got this.” So I started telling myself when nobody was around.

I began to realize that almost every woman in business needs to hear this. So I started the “Girl, You Got This” photo project.

The invitational email that was sent out read:

“You are part of a group of movers and shakers and influencers. Business women, entrepreneurs, and girl bosses all look to you for advice and inspiration.

The New Jersey Conference for Women and Diana P. Lang Photography would like to invite you to be a part of the “Girl You Got This” photo project.  It’s a collection of images of women who are role models and a constant source of inspiration to the women in our community. We would like you to share the inspiration.” 

And so the project began. I hope you find inspiration and motivation and a reminder that you can handle whatever challenges you are given.

Yep, I got to be part of the project too!

That’s my daughter who I’m so proud of as she begins her career in business.

Andrea is both an amazing photographer and friend.

Christine was the first woman I photographed for the project.

Deb chose the quote I have stenciled on my studio wall. It’s one of my favorites.

Denise chose something other than the typical power pose.

Jane and her company radiate goodness.

Jill kindly offered me assistance to find more inspirational women.

Kapu’s own light shines.

Kelly is proving it’s all possible.

Lorraine works endlessly in her support of women. This project came to fruition with her help and I can’t thank her enough.

Kimberly’s strength doesn’t come from a stereotyped suit.

Mara graciously invited me into her home.

Marion knows what kind of difference she wants to make.

Melissa understands a woman’s value and strengths.

Nancy so much believes in her quote that it hangs on her wall.

Nicole finds inspiration from her daughter.

These women chose to be photographed together as a group that supports women.

Trish opted to have her photo taken at the state capitol, a place of great strength and character.

Sara’s compassion is so evident in her endless support of others.

Shandi’s unorthodox path has proved to be the right road for her.

Stefanie has found a niche market for her talents and skills.

Suzannah’s positive attitude and compassion have the power to help.

Courtney is a strong role model for the young women she encounters.

Romy’s energy is infectious.

Thank you to the women who inspire us. 

Theses quotes remind us that anything is possible. Remember to tell yourself,  your colleague, your daughter, your mother, your best friend that they can handle anything because girl, you got this.

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